3 DIY Craft Projects for Your Home

A house becomes a home when the atmosphere within it reflects the personality of the family living there. High-priced art and decorations made by a manufacturer can be nice, but they tend to be stiff because they don’t represent the family that looks at them every day.

The wedding, vacation and baby pictures hanging on the walls are examples of unique decorations the can only be found in your home. There might be a scratch on the couch from the family cat or an ever-growing toy corner in the family room. Furniture and decorations in our homes should be an extension of our lives. These personalized DIY craft projects will add charm to your home and will not be found anywhere else.

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1. Canvas Art

You’ll need:

  • 16 x 20 inch canvas (5 for $25)
  • Two 2 fl oz bottles of acrylic paint (69 cents each)
  • X-acto knife ($4)
  • Blue tape ($4)
  • Regular printer paper
  • Foam brush ($1)

Step 1: Choose a favorite quote and type it into a word document on your computer.

Step 2: Select the size and font of your quote. Print it out.

Step 3: Using the x-acto knife, cut along the outline of the letters to create a stencil. Use a plastic backing like a cutting board or binder that will hold up to the sharpness of the x-acto knife blade.

Step 4: Paint the canvas your selected background color using the foam brush. Apply two coats and let dry. Rinse your foam brush clean and let dry.

Step 5: Arrange the stencils you have created on the dry canvas in how you wish the letters to appear. Tape down the edges of the stencil.

Step 6: Slowly begin filling in the letters with the other paint color you’ve chosen. Apply two coats and let dry.

Step 7: Remove the blue tape and slowly remove the stencils. Use the x-acto knife to remove any paper that has dried to the canvas.

Step 8: Hang up anywhere in your home and look at what a great job you did! The 5-pack of canvases is the best deal because then you can make more for friends and loved ones or use a different quote for somewhere else in your home.

2. Mason Jar Candle

You’ll need:

  • Mod Podge ($5)
  • Foam brush (69 cents)
  • Paper lace doilies ($4 for 100)
  • Tea lights ($6 for 50)
  • Mason jars ($1.50 each).

Step 1: Make sure the mason jar is clean and dry.

Step 2: Apply the lace doily with Mod Podge using your foam brush. Experiment with different colors and sizes of doilies if you like. Allow Mod Podge to dry.

Step 3: Place a tea light in the bottom of the mason jar. Place anywhere in your home and light the tea light to enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Flameless tea lights look just as great as the real ones and prolong the life of your mason jars. These are perfect decor for summer evenings or late dinners.

3. Coffee Table Scrapbook

You’ll need:

  • Blank scrapbook ($12)
  • Printed photos (17 cents each)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Remove the scrapbook book sheets from the book’s protective film.

Step 2: Begin arranging pictures, any special mementos (movie tickets, cards, etc.) and stickers to your liking. You can use stamps, cut-outs or stickers if you’d like. This is the best kind of craft project because there are no rules. You can choose to tell the story of your family, use one specific vacation, or simply use your favorite photos from the past year or two. Use both the front and back of the scrapbook page.

Step 3: Allow the glue to dry if needed before placing the page back into the protective film of the scrapbook.

Step 4: Set on your coffee table or end table so guests can enjoy your work! A homemade scrapbook is less expensive than a digital scrapbook and has an imperfect, cozy feel that the perfectly-made digital copy can’t give you.

If you’ve been intimidated by the skill of crafting, these are the DIY projects to start with. They’re inexpensive, easy and fool-proof. Consider them for any kind of gift, too! Any mistakes you make will simply add to the charm of the finished product. Enjoy!

What are some other DIY projects you can do for your home? Leave a comment!

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