Manilla Review: An Easy Way to Manage Your Bills Online

Manilla ReviewHave trouble remembering to pay your online bills but don’t want the hassle of dealing with the paperwork coming in the mail? Wish you had one online account that would remind you to pay your bills before they were due? That’s where Manilla comes in. Let’s review Manilla and see if it is right for you.

Manilla is a free online account and bill organizer that lets you know when your bills are due, how much is due, and allows you to pay your online bills using one unique password. Cool stuff.

Easy Sign Up with Manilla

I was a bit skeptical about Manilla when I first heard about it. Do we really need another website to manage all of our accounts? After thinking about it, I decided to give Manilla a whirl. It seemed unique enough from Mint and other account managers because it focused four different types of accounts (and I wanted to review Manilla for all of you who are interested):

  • Financial accounts
  • Household bills
  • Loyalty programs
  • Subscriptions

Signing up with Manilla was super easy. There wasn’t much to fill out: just a name, zip code, email address, a password, and a couple of security questions. Oh yeah, and there are a few terms and conditions to skim through. That’s about it.

Manilla Accounts

Once you’ve signed up with Manilla, you’ll be immediately presented with the option to add your wireless carrier such as AT&T. I found it kind of funny that they would assume their customers would have wireless service, but I guess everyone does nowadays, right?

In addition to adding my AT&T account, I immediately added my Comcast Internet service. Each time I added an account, it would be added to my “Accounts” tab and show when my next bill was due and how much was due. I was also able to go into the setting of each account and mark if the bill was set to auto-pay or not.

In my review of the Manilla interface, I found that they somewhat heavily advertise their ability to handle credit card accounts, but since I don’t own a credit card (I’m a PerkStreet fan, thank you very much), I began to think about other types of financial accounts I could add. If you have credit cards, by all means, use Manilla to pay them on time!

I tested Manilla out by trying to add some obscure online accounts, and was pleasantly surprised! Would my mortgage work? Yep, added it. Even my life insurance provider could be linked with Manilla (a bill I only pay once a year). Pretty impressive. Way to go Manilla!

There are over 1,300 service providers who offer a way to connect their account with Manilla. Chances are, you’ll find many of your bills can be paid using Manilla as your online account hub. Plus, Manilla is always adding more service providers . . . .

New Manilla Accounts

There were a few small local accounts I couldn’t add, but for those Manilla offers a “Reminders” feature. More on that below.

Documents and Reminders

Once I added a few accounts, I started to explore some of the other features of Manilla. Yep, there’s even more! Namely, documents and reminders. Here’s what’s up with each . . . .

Documents minimize the clutter.

The nice thing about documents on Manilla is that you don’t have to deal with paper bills in the mail. All of your bills are conveniently stored under the “Documents” tap in your Manilla account. These are the actual bills you’d normally receive in the mail – nothing is watered down.

Reminders ensure you never forget.

Reminders on Manilla show you when your bills are due. Even for the accounts you can’t add to Manilla (very few), you can add a reminder that will notify you of a bill due through email or SMS. Sweet.

Subscriptions and Travel Rewards

You can even add subscriptions to popular services such as Netflix and magazines. If you’re the traveling type, their travel rewards section can help you keep track of all your points or airline miles.

I suspect not many people would add numerous subscription accounts, but for those of you who would, it’s there for you!

The Ironclad Security of Manilla

Your personal data and documents are encrypted by Manilla and stored in secure data facilities with 24/7 security and biometric controls. Sounds like James Bond stuff, right? It’s real.

Manilla has strict business policies that are designed to keep their customers’ information secure. Like Mint, your Manilla uses bank-level physical security and SSL 128-bit encryption. You can trust that your information is secure. I did.

Manilla iPhone App

Manilla appThe great thing about Manilla is that they don’t stop at the web browser – there’s a smartphone app! You can turn on push notifications that let you know when there is a bill due. That’s super handy!

I prefer to interact through Manilla using the iPhone app because it is so convenient to use. It does require that you enter in a PIN or password when you use the app, but given the information that you can access with Manilla, this extra level of security is appreciated.

Is Manilla Right for You?

Manilla is a great option for those of you who don’t currently have a streamlined system for viewing, paying, and managing your bills. The reminder system gives you ample time to get your bills paid, and allows you to review even the smallest details of your bills before you pay.

So, if you’ve ever had trouble paying your bills on time, sign up for Manilla now. Besides, it’s free! You’ve got nothing to lose, and you can delete your account if you find you don’t like it. Personally, I find it a great way to help me remember to pay my bills and review statements.

Another huge problem Manilla solves is the need for multiple online passwords. Remembering all my online account passwords is such a pain, and I’m sure you’ve experienced similar frustration in this department. Manilla is a fantastic way to ensure you only have to remember one password when paying your bills online. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Take a look at Manilla. I think you’ll like what you see. This Manilla review gives it an A+.

Do you have an account with Manilla? What do you think about it? Perhaps you’re thinking about signing up for an account, can I answer any questions? Leave a comment below!

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