5 Places to Go When You’re Struggling Financially

Many people are finding themselves in a situation where they’re in a rough spot financially. Maybe your expenses have gone up, your income has gone down, or an emergency popped up. Sometimes you just need money help. This could be a scary time for you and your family. You don’t have to feel like you’re going through it alone because you’re not alone. Millions of people everywhere have been experiencing a financial hardship in one form or another. Be confident that this situation is only temporary and there are people who are willing to give you a hand. There are a lot of places you can go to for help:

1. Your Pastor

Letting your pastor know that you’re going through financial hardships can be beneficial. Pastors are well connected members of the community, and they are usually great people to turn to when you need assistance. They may know someone who knows someone, or they have a solution for you in mind. Don’t hesitate to let your pastor know you’re having troubles.

2. Your Congregation

Just about every church has a list of people who are requesting prayer. Sometimes the reason is made public and other times it’s kept private. Asking your congregation to pray for you can help you more than you’ll ever know. God is listening and He will do whatever it takes to make sure His people are okay. Pray until something happens.

3. A Certified Financial Planner

A financial issue should be handled by a professional, and one professional you can turn to is your certified financial planner. You should visit your CFP when you’re in a financial crisis or need financial guidance on any level. They will be able to weigh the pros and cons and give you the best advice. They are also well connected people who have access to resources that can assist you in getting back on track.

4. Programs and Resources

A lot of people feel they are too prideful to ask for help, especially government assistance. The fact of the matter is those programs came into existence for this very reason: to help people in need. There’s a program that can help with just about any situation.

If you’re out of work, the Employment Development Department is there to help you with unemployment insurance and to assist you in finding a job. If you’re having a hard time putting food on the table, WIC and food stamps can provide you with groceries.

If you need a place to live but don’t have the income, Section 8 housing is available to provide a roof over your head. Don’t feel embarrassed; pride only breeds quarrels but wisdom is found in those who take advice (Proverbs 11:2).

5. Prayer

Sometimes God will make something so uncomfortable for you that you have to move, either literally or figuratively. Talk to Him about it and tell him how you feel. Ask for wisdom, ask for strength, and ask that He help you make the right decisions. Yes, He already knows what you’re going through but we serve a God who appreciates us when we call on Him and ask for him to help us through the struggle. Don’t hesitate to use that direct line.

Times can get hard and finances can get short, but don’t forget you have people to turn to for help. Your financial situation won’t be bad forever. Stay positive, faithful, and prayerful.
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