3 Foundational Tactics to Improve your Income

Everybody wants to make more money. Some people, however, REALLY want to make more money! The contrast I’m trying to show here is that some people merely talk about raising their income as if it’s a dream, and others actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

But why would you want to make more money in the first place? What is your driving factor? For me, money is only a means to creating more time in the long run. Soon, I’ll write an article about time creation and what it can do for your life. But today, let’s focus on getting your income up, shall we?

In the past, I made very little money. I was satisfied with the amount I was making, and didn’t care to make any more. There would be nothing wrong with that except for the fact that I didn’t have any long-term goals in place. I was stagnant.

After I got myself into gear and decided that I wanted to do something more with my life, I started experimenting with ways to make more money.

I have found three foundational tactics to improve your income. These not only are spoken about in various financial books, I have found them to be true in my own life as well. Apply them, and your income will go up over time. Ignore them, and you’ll remain stagnant (not a fun place to be, trust me).

What are the three foundational tactics to improve income?

  1. Gain HOPE. I have seen people sag down under the burden of not seeing a way to earn more money. They think it’s a complicated process, and therefore lack any hope of progressing. Speak confidently that you will raise your income, will progress, will succeed. Drill it into yourself. You will make more money!
  2. Read BOOKS. I can’t tell you how important reading is. You can gain an advanced education by simply reading books. It’s less expensive than a traditional college education (although I highly recommend college), and provides you with ideas and concepts you may have never encountered. Books provide skills that you can take to the marketplace. Knowledge is a valuable commodity! Know something, make something!
  3. Meet PEOPLE. There are many people out there that can teach you about ways to make money. Sit down and interview a millionaire. Follow up on leads from coworkers and friends. Get social! The more people you know and meet, the better your odds. Listen to the simple suggestions of caring friends, and you’ll be on your way!

Remember these three foundational tactics. Implement them and watch your income soar!

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