3 Tips to Destroy Bad Financial Habits

Everyone has something they can work on when it comes to bad habits. The problem isn’t figuring out what it is, but rather how to curb the behavior. Some eat out entirely too much. Others shop until they’re weighted down by bags on both hands and shoulders. There are even those who think they’re being sophisticated in the stock market, but the reality is that they are addicted to day-trading.

Whatever your fix is, you know you have to destroy it. But how? Here are three useful tips on how to blow your financial habit out of the water.

1. Eliminate the possibility for failure.

This is perhaps the most effective way to utterly demolish your bad habit. There is a door that you are keeping open which allows you to walk through it and fail once more. Slam the door, nail it shut, roll a boulder in front, and draw in red paint: “KEEP OUT!”

For example, if you’re deeply in credit card debt, and have been for years, maybe it’s time to cut up your credit cards! Destroy them! Don’t give yourself the option of reaching into your wallet to go further into debt!

2. Have people keep you accountable.

Tell someone about your financial stronghold. Have them keep you accountable. Tell them to call you daily to check in with you if you have to! Do something to let others know you are going to beat this struggle, and you want them to be on your case about it!

I told some family that we would be out of debt (except the mortgage and student loans that our parents are paying on) in March 2010. We met that goal in February 2010 – this month! Telling others kept us accountable and made us more zealous about getting out of debt!

3. Seek out someone who has won the same battle.

Sometimes you’ll need to find someone who has met the same objective to give you tips and tricks for success. Find a mentor who can encourage you in your pursuit and has life experience in your area of focus. If they’ve won their own battle, they’re sure to have some great advice for you.

Follow these three great tips, and you’ll be on the road to beating this thing – whatever it is.

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